14 Dec 2015

Glamor at Farfetch

It’s the party season everywhere! Whether it's a glamorous work do, festive Christmas with the family or crazy New Year celebrations with friends, everyone wants to look stunning, enjoy themselves and create amazing memories. To celebrate party season fashion, I was asked to pick out 3 items available from Farfetch.com, which capture the essence of glamorous festive dressing. 

Farfetch.com is a Luxury Fashion Retailer with a global network of more than 300 boutiques, including many well-known designer labels. The variety they have is unbelievable, so there was no limit to my excitement and I just couldn’t decide what to choose! After browsing for what seemed like hours, I finally settled for my three items: this directional mesh panel dress from David Koma, a classic Yves Saint Laurent clutch and these statement McQueen heels. You can shop them (or just admire them!) at their website:

You can check out my visual moodboad on the link below:

(Image: Farfetch)

29 Nov 2015

Shades of red

Shades of Red

I took this skirt out of my wardrobe the other day and was wondering 'why isn’t it on my favourite list yet?'  Anyway, I got this skirt a while ago from Missguided and only wore it once… but now I can't stop wearing it! I love how it fits my curves well and the asymmetric style creates an interesting silhouette. I was going for different shades of a red colour scheme, so for the top I went for this knitted red bralet. I finished of the look with my beloved pointed boots from Asos and a coat just to keep me a little warmer.

Skirt (Similar)

16 Nov 2015


                                            MUSTARD SUEDE

This season, I have surprised myself by craving so many colours in my outfits - and it definitely kicked in when I spotted this mustard number on Missguided. I haven’t had any mustard items in my closet before, so this was something new to add to my colour collection.  It's definitely is a great piece to add on top of basic and clean-cut outfits. 

Today I am going for a Minion colour combination with yellow/mustard, white and blue.  My base for the outfit is - no guessing - a white top. I'm a huge fan of the boyfriend jeans and biker jacket combination, and that’s what I went for here, showing my casual, relaxed side. These tan heels also won't hurt, if you're going out. I hope you like the look.

16 Oct 2015

Sway with me

Sway with me 

So, as you can tell, I’ve been experimenting a lot with colours. I guess in autumn/winter we are more likely to see darker shades, but this time around I’ve been wearing much brighter colours. I'm not going to lie - they stand out lots more in London's gloomy autumn/winter.

Today, my whole outfit is from Pull & Bear. I might not have many pieces from them, but they are one of my favourite high street brands. For a while now, I’ve been looking for a perfect A-line skirt. The ones i found before have all been a little stiff, meaning they just didn’t fall on my body the way I wanted. When I saw this one at the shop, I instantly loved it; the colour, the fabric and its shape. When I tried it on, it looked exactly how I thought it would. The only problem was they didn’t have my size! Still, that didn’t stop me from leaving with a bigger size, as well as this cut-out stripe top to pair with. I finished off the look feeling earthy, with matching tan shoes, and also added these earrings and bunch of rings from Forever 21 to give that boho vibe. I hope you like it!

Aline Tan Skirt, Pull&Bear (sold out) 

Tan Shoes, Next

3 Oct 2015

Blue is Everything

Blue is Everything 

As many of you can tell when it comes to colours, blue is everything for me. I wear it at every chance I get to wear colour - and yes, even in autumn and winter. These pictures were taken when it was actually sunny, hence my outfit and my sunglasses, but I guess it’s never too late. I think I can still get away with this outfit, plus a big coat and minus the sunglasses. 

Talking of the outfit, I've had this denim skirt for a while now and I actually have no idea why I didn’t even wear it once. Now that denim skirts are everywhere making a huge comeback, I thought it's about that time - when I see something I like and then remember I already own it and start digging in my closet. So that's exactly what I did! 

My look is based around this little blue top I got from Miss Selfridge. I love how it’s over the shoulder, with the flowy details delicately expressing the feminine sexiness of the outfit.  On the other hand, my denim skirt is quite casual and adding these cool sunnies perfectly balanced out the outfit to make it a daytime look.  I finished it off with my new pair of strappy sandals and I love them. I hope you like the look.

Blue Top- Miss Selfridge
Skirt- Market
Shoes- New Look
Sunglasses- Missguided

13 Sep 2015

Days of Rays

Days of Rays

Hello Lovelies,

I know we have officially stepped in to autumn and trust me when I say I am very much looking forward to wearing darker colours - especially berry lips.  Anyway, looking at the brighter days, one should always take the chance to wear summer clothes for as long as possible and that’s exactly what I do when I see a little glimpse of sunshine. 

These days of rays are not just for bright colours; I think wearing basics in summer are more on the comfy side. To be honest, I do usually go for bright colours for summer days, but for the transition from summer to autumn I decided to go for basics. 

Honestly, no basic department will be complete without a plain white tee and that’s the base for my outfit today. It’s pretty simple as you can literally pair anything with a plain white tee, in my opinion.  I decided go for a black pleather skirt from H&M. I love the A-line shape and anything that comes with pockets is a bonus. And for my accessories, where there is the sun, there is my Raybans. Also, I decided to add a pop-up colour by finishing off with these chunky Timberland look-a-like boots.  I hope you like the look!

Shoes, Asos (similar)

White Tee- Primark

Pleather Skirt, H&M (Similar)

31 Aug 2015



Many of you (who actually read my blog) know how much of an obsession I have over the details of any outfit. My belief is that every little detail – whether it’s the texture, print, cut, type or the technique used on the fabric – creates an interesting style, silhouette or statement on any simple outfit. I hope what I am trying to say makes sense? If not here is my latest outfit from Luxemme that explains it all.

Luxemme is a forward-thinking fashion brand that combines Parisienne chic with Manchester cool, all with a luxury twist at affordable prices. The whole concept of combining Parisienne fashion and Manchester street style was interesting enough, but actually seeing it come to life in an outfit was pretty amazing. I literally jumped at the opportunity to select something to style on my blog. 

My outfit is from their Limited Edition and trust me it was pretty hard to choose – I wanted them all…! Anyway, I opted for this ‘The Delphine Eyelet’ – a white two-piece or co-ord set, as you might say. I loved how it’s made of super lightweight material but still keeps that figure flattering fit to it. Also, the lace up detail on the sides came in handy to adjust the fit. The colour, the lovely scallop and eyelet lace up details perfectly expose that elegant luxury look. 

With all the interesting details on the outfit, I thought a bold red lip was the perfect way for me to accessorise this sophisticated look. I also added a black leather bag and black lace up shoes, matching the lace up details on the top, to finish off the look. I hope you like it! 

You can also get 10% off your purchase on Luxemme with code ‘suzishrestha’

Co-ords- Luxemme

15 Aug 2015


Venice- Gandola

So I finally had the chance to upload the second part of my Venice trip. Our second day started with a very delicious breakfast at the hotel, which ended with a little too many crossiants. I guess it's acceptable because your diet can go out of window when you're on holiday. After that, a quick hop on the train for 12 minutes and we were back in sunny Venice. 

For me, visiting Venice without a gondola ride is like committing a crime - it's just not right. It’s a must do for any visit to this city of canals. Now, call me a ‘typical tourist’ but I didn’t feel like I had truly experienced Venice until I was floating down the Grand Canal in a gondola. Finally there we were on a beautiful, romantic ride down the canal, while the gondolier paddled away through the candy-hued houses and beautifully designed bridges, serenading us with tales of the surroundings. That 40 minute ride was captivating. 

After gobbling up a delicious lunch without having the time to take pictures, we stepped into a water taxi and went off to San Marco. It was pretty amazing standing surrounded by one of the most beautiful interiors and historic buildings. At the same time, it was impossible to escape the crowds of people and all the pigeons(!), but honestly some of the finest views in Venice can be seen there. We went inside the beautiful cathedral and then just sat on the steps that separate it from the water. Here you can look out over the end of the Grand Canal, towards the Salute church or over the lagoon to the island church of San Giorgio Maggiore. It was truly mesmerising. 

As for my outfit, I slipped into my new favourite dress. It was flowy, comfortable and perfect for the sun-kissed weather. The shoulder off detail on the dress delicately expresses the boho vibe and I also braided my hair and added this hand harness for my accessories to put more emphasis on the boho style. I hope you like the look!

Dress, Asos
Harness, Forever21

5 Aug 2015

Gold Details

Gold Details

Before I start, I just want to say my Venice Part 2 will be up soon and I have more exciting new posts on the way. :D 
When it comes to simple outfits, details are the key for me. As I was clicking away through slides of jumpers on different websites, I came across this navy one, which quickly stood out. That's right, I was totally digging the gold detailing on the jumper, and all of a sudden it was already in my basket :)
I loved how even though it's a crop jumper, the length is just the right amount for me - not too long and not too short. The fit is a little boxy and boyish, which I love by the way. 
As the jumper was the statement piece on this outfit, I built the other pieces around it, which was pretty simple. I went navy-on-navy with my Levis shorts and I didn’t think I needed any accessories as the gold detailing was doing a pretty good job. I finished off with my new lace up heels from New Look, which will be seen in many of my future looks. I hope you like it!

Gold detail Jumper, amazon (sold out)

Denim shorts, Levis