31 Aug 2015



Many of you (who actually read my blog) know how much of an obsession I have over the details of any outfit. My belief is that every little detail – whether it’s the texture, print, cut, type or the technique used on the fabric – creates an interesting style, silhouette or statement on any simple outfit. I hope what I am trying to say makes sense? If not here is my latest outfit from Luxemme that explains it all.

Luxemme is a forward-thinking fashion brand that combines Parisienne chic with Manchester cool, all with a luxury twist at affordable prices. The whole concept of combining Parisienne fashion and Manchester street style was interesting enough, but actually seeing it come to life in an outfit was pretty amazing. I literally jumped at the opportunity to select something to style on my blog. 

My outfit is from their Limited Edition and trust me it was pretty hard to choose – I wanted them all…! Anyway, I opted for this ‘The Delphine Eyelet’ – a white two-piece or co-ord set, as you might say. I loved how it’s made of super lightweight material but still keeps that figure flattering fit to it. Also, the lace up detail on the sides came in handy to adjust the fit. The colour, the lovely scallop and eyelet lace up details perfectly expose that elegant luxury look. 

With all the interesting details on the outfit, I thought a bold red lip was the perfect way for me to accessorise this sophisticated look. I also added a black leather bag and black lace up shoes, matching the lace up details on the top, to finish off the look. I hope you like it! 

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Co-ords- Luxemme

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