16 Nov 2015


                                            MUSTARD SUEDE

This season, I have surprised myself by craving so many colours in my outfits - and it definitely kicked in when I spotted this mustard number on Missguided. I haven’t had any mustard items in my closet before, so this was something new to add to my colour collection.  It's definitely is a great piece to add on top of basic and clean-cut outfits. 

Today I am going for a Minion colour combination with yellow/mustard, white and blue.  My base for the outfit is - no guessing - a white top. I'm a huge fan of the boyfriend jeans and biker jacket combination, and that’s what I went for here, showing my casual, relaxed side. These tan heels also won't hurt, if you're going out. I hope you like the look.


  1. Just found your blog and have fallen in love with your personal style - had to follow you on bloglovin'! This outfit looks great ,love the cool pop of colour he rich mustard shadeof your jacket adds to the look
    Feel free to check out our latest post x