14 Sep 2012

DIY Cage Cutout Top

Hello everyone,
So few days ago I tweeted saying I will be putting up my DIY soon, so yeah finally its here YAY :D. This DIY is really easy. I was really into these cage cut out dresses and tops and when I searched online to buy one it was way too expensive. So I decided to make my own. For this DIY all you need is a basic plain T-shirt, here I am using black, chalk and scissors. Then, I just draw the pattern that I want and then I started cutting the boxes and Taadaaa its done. It was really easy and fun. I also uploaded the pictures of how I styled the top. I hope you like it. 
Take care
  Suzi. x

2 Sep 2012

Big Curls

Today I finally manage to get nice big curls with my straightener. I have tried it so many times before but this is actually the first time I manage to get it right. Also I did middle parting after long time so I just wanted to share my todays look, lets just call it a Face of the day..hmm I might actually do face of the day on my blog with make up and hairstyles. That would be good.
Have a great day guys