15 Feb 2012

Happy Valentines day!

     Valentines day was like a having a  beautiful book and I read each and every chapter of the    moments and the memories we created. This is a time to relive those memories with a big smile :)
                                                           Happy Valentines day!
                                                                 <3 Suzi x

1 Feb 2012

Line,triangle,crosses and studs= outfit of the day

It feels like its been ages since I last posted on my blog but I have my reasons :), so why don't I just start it with a little summary of what I have been up to. I have been ill for few days and after that extremely busy catching up with my uni work. It was a headache but talking about the good things I did this week, I finally got my chelsea boots YAY :D and I also bought some studs from ebay and studded my leather jackets and here are the pictures enjoy.