2 Oct 2013

Little Denim Skirt.

Hello everyone, 
This week I've been meeting lot of my friends for catch up and for some coffee so one of the days I chose this outfit. It was quite warm so I paired my little denim skirt with this black crop top. I also took my fluffy cardigan just incase it gets chilly because you know you can never trust London weather. I also wore my good old wedges and I couldn't leave my house without my little backpack which kept my outfit quite casual. I hope you like the outfit. Have a wonderful day. 

Denim Skirt: American Apparel
Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: Ebay
bag: Primark

28 Sep 2013

Grey skies and rainy days.

Hi beauties,
I am back with another look.  Even though autumn is here it feels like  summer is not quite over yet so I thought I will take that chance to get some of my summer outfits. Its not exactly bright summer outfit but I still thought I will keep the balance of summer and autumn. This trouser served me for many years in the past so I thought its time I take it out from the closet as the grey colour reminded me of the grey sky while its raining which happens quite a lot in London but pairing it with this white cutout top looked quite good. As this trouser was little bit baggy I added a skinny belt to put the outfit together. I have been obsessed with my little backpack, its really handy and goes with most of my outfits.  I also added Valentino look a line studded heels to complete the the whole look I hope you all like the outfit. 

Top- Missguided
Bag- Primark
Shoes- Lovelywholesale.com

21 Jun 2013

She believed she could and she did

Hi lovelies, 
I am back :) and with one of the biggest news. As some of you know that I've been really busy and this was the reason. I was doing my Collection :). The whole process of making collection was challenging and very stressful but at the end when you can see all your hard works in a visual form on the runway is just worth it. I was so grateful to be selected to showcase my collection at Free range London as well as in Coventry. This was my first ever collection so defiantly one the biggest moments of my life. I really enjoyed every bit of the show, it was very exciting for all of us as we all worked really hard. Our work is also on many site like Dailymail, Vogue and other blogs to so do check them out. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 
lots of love 

9 May 2013

Vogue Festival

Hello lovely people,
so I recently attended Vogue festival in London and being surrounded by all these stylish and inspiring people was such a great experience. As few of you might know that I am doing my own collection, I felt like I could get inspiration from everyone in the room. I also went to a talk show where I got to see famous fashion icon Versace  Yay :D she talked about her journey and experience in fashion industry which actually gave me lot of inspiration and ideas towards my future in fashion industry. I also met lot of other bloggers and companies. I also managed to get few clicks of some of the looks. Hope you enjoyed it and have a great day. 
Lots of love
Suzi x

17 Apr 2013

Valentino studded heels

Hi lovelies,
So I recently noticed that every one is wearing these Valentino's studded heel, in magazines, blogs, fashion weeks , shows. It seems to be everywhere and becoming a fashion sensation among many fashionistas like Alexa Chung, blake lively and others. It comes in different styles and finishes from nude, green to black. 
I was never a big fan of kitten heels but these shoes are such a beautiful finishing touch to an outfit. Recently many online shops are doing knock off of these shoes. I wanted these shoes so badly but obviously couldn't afford so I had to look around for the knock off and this is what I found and to be honest I am surprised to see how close it is interms of looks and details to the real ones. 
I bought these shoes on Boohoo.co.uk
Have a great day 
Suzi x

19 Feb 2013

New camera

Hello everyone,
so I finally purchased a new camera YAY :D. I use to use my big Canon SLR camera but sometimes its little annoying to carry around a huge camera everywhere. That was one of the reasons I always had to carry a big bag. Its been a while since I was in a hunt for portable camera that takes decent pictures and after months of looking around I found this Samsung PL210. It has many different features including beauty shot,10x optical Zoom and it was quite affordable, I actually got it on sale.  I've been taking some pictures on my everyday make up and I was quite happy with it. I have also taken few pictures when I went to paris which will be coming soon. so stay tuned. 
Have a great day 
suzi x

16 Jan 2013

Make up of the day!

Hi lovelies,
I am back, its been too long since I last posted on my blog and since I am back I thought I will post with my make up of the day. I apologise for the quality of the picture, I am actually in a hunt for a new good quality camera. anyway my makeup today was pretty basic, recently I've been using invisible fluid foundation from Estee Lauder and I've been very happy with the result. It blends very well and gives a natural finish. My eye makeup was just neutral colours and I used dark brown colour to give a light smokey effect. The other products I used will be listed below. I hope you like the look and once again I am really sorry about the quality. Have a great day. Take Care. 

Foundation: Invisible Fluid- Estee Lauder
Sleek Eyeshadow palette
Rimmel Indian pink- lip liner
Loreal's super liner

Lots of love
Suzi x