15 Aug 2015


Venice- Gandola

So I finally had the chance to upload the second part of my Venice trip. Our second day started with a very delicious breakfast at the hotel, which ended with a little too many crossiants. I guess it's acceptable because your diet can go out of window when you're on holiday. After that, a quick hop on the train for 12 minutes and we were back in sunny Venice. 

For me, visiting Venice without a gondola ride is like committing a crime - it's just not right. It’s a must do for any visit to this city of canals. Now, call me a ‘typical tourist’ but I didn’t feel like I had truly experienced Venice until I was floating down the Grand Canal in a gondola. Finally there we were on a beautiful, romantic ride down the canal, while the gondolier paddled away through the candy-hued houses and beautifully designed bridges, serenading us with tales of the surroundings. That 40 minute ride was captivating. 

After gobbling up a delicious lunch without having the time to take pictures, we stepped into a water taxi and went off to San Marco. It was pretty amazing standing surrounded by one of the most beautiful interiors and historic buildings. At the same time, it was impossible to escape the crowds of people and all the pigeons(!), but honestly some of the finest views in Venice can be seen there. We went inside the beautiful cathedral and then just sat on the steps that separate it from the water. Here you can look out over the end of the Grand Canal, towards the Salute church or over the lagoon to the island church of San Giorgio Maggiore. It was truly mesmerising. 

As for my outfit, I slipped into my new favourite dress. It was flowy, comfortable and perfect for the sun-kissed weather. The shoulder off detail on the dress delicately expresses the boho vibe and I also braided my hair and added this hand harness for my accessories to put more emphasis on the boho style. I hope you like the look!

Dress, Asos
Harness, Forever21

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