21 Jan 2012

Tail Hem skirts/dresses

High Street
Everyone is wearing and talking about Tail hem skirts/dresses, weather its on catwalk, Red carpet or High street; from models, celebrities to bloggers these playful new hemlines are buzzing throughout fashion fanatics and is fast becoming a favourite for Spring/Summer. The way it expresses yourself in two ways: a sense of elegance with longer back and revealing flirty with the shorter front. This is one of the must have for my Spring/Summer collection.
What is your must have item for this Spring/Summer?

19 Jan 2012

Red Lips Passion!

                                                               Dress: Misguided- £27
                                                               Primark: Shoes-£4.00
                                 Couldn't find any accessories that goes with your outfit? No problem.
                                 Sometimes you don't need accessories to jazz up your look. I went through
                                 this problem a lot and this is when I called my best friend 'Red Lipstick'.
                                 When I am late for the party and in hurry I cant be asked trying to find
                                 earrings,necklace or bracelet; So I wear my red lipstick and Smile.
                                Sometimes thats all you need to look fabulous!

18 Jan 2012

Scotland- Fort William

This is my collection of pictures of one of my favourite experience, when I went to scotland for the first time. We stayed in Fort William. I have no words to describe how beautiful it was. Hotel was great, friendly helpful staff, great food, beautiful views and an amazing experience. enjoy the pictures.
What your favourite experience?
                                                                              Suzi x