7 Dec 2011

Clothes Show Live!

Clothes Show Live went amazingly well. The catwalk was awesome, it felt like all the hard work paid off when I saw my scarf on the ramp. I was cheering with excitement :). Also, we manage to raise over £325 for the charity selling our handmade crafts, It felt wonderful. The whole experience was lively and amazing!



2 Dec 2011

For a good cause!

Long tiring day, hectic schedule, late nights and hard work- story of my life.
work loads been ridiculously too much to take right now since the Clothes Show Live has started from today. I've been working on this project with my team since 2 weeks ago. We produced different types of accessories like,coin purse, earrings, rings, necklaces, tote bags, hair bands and the posters of the scarf we made to sell at the Clothes Show Live and the good thing about this is all the money we raised goes to Charity. I hope all our hard work pays off and it feels great since its for a good cause. :)
           These are some of the items we selling. All the prices are from 50p to £4.00 but only to be sold at the Clothes Show Live. Have a good day.
                                               Suzi :)x                            

26 Nov 2011

Natural glamour

When It comes natural looking makeup I always freaked out, for some reason I always use to get carried away and never have been able to do the natural look I wanted to achieve. Recently I’ve been looking at some videos and little tips I read on magazine and internet, these tips are actually helping me realise that all these little tricks counts when it comes to looking naturally glamorous. To achieve the natural glamorous look we always got to realise that ‘Little is More’.