14 Sep 2012

DIY Cage Cutout Top

Hello everyone,
So few days ago I tweeted saying I will be putting up my DIY soon, so yeah finally its here YAY :D. This DIY is really easy. I was really into these cage cut out dresses and tops and when I searched online to buy one it was way too expensive. So I decided to make my own. For this DIY all you need is a basic plain T-shirt, here I am using black, chalk and scissors. Then, I just draw the pattern that I want and then I started cutting the boxes and Taadaaa its done. It was really easy and fun. I also uploaded the pictures of how I styled the top. I hope you like it. 
Take care
  Suzi. x

2 Sep 2012

Big Curls

Today I finally manage to get nice big curls with my straightener. I have tried it so many times before but this is actually the first time I manage to get it right. Also I did middle parting after long time so I just wanted to share my todays look, lets just call it a Face of the day..hmm I might actually do face of the day on my blog with make up and hairstyles. That would be good.
Have a great day guys

29 Aug 2012

Back with the pleats!

Jumper- £2 -British Heart foundation
Skirt- £13- Ebay
Shoes- £5 - Ebay
Belt- £1.50- Primark

Hello beautiful people
Its been quite a while since I last posted on my blog, I am not going to go through each and every detail but let just put it this way working 6 days a week long hours just left me really less time anyway now that I am done with my internship I am hoping to post quite often. Today I am just posting my OOTD and this one of the cheapest outfit as I bought most of pieces from charity shop and ebay but I guess its not about the price its how you wear it makes a difference and I am sorry about my chipped toe nails :) have a great day. 
Suzi x

21 Jul 2012


Top: charity shop- £1
Trousers: Misguided- £18
Necklace: Primark- £2
Shoes: Ebay- £12

Hi lovelies,
These are the pictures of the outfit I wore today, us lot that live in England are not blessed with nice sunny summer yet so I am still squeezing myself into jeans or trousers. I've been obsessed with popping into thrift stores recently and its amazing what you can find with so less prices. I manage to pick out some vintage items too :) and the one I am wearing is one of the tops that I found and I am in love with it, very comfortable and light, perfect for summer. I am also in love with these cloggs. I've been eyeing these for ages and finally got my hands in them when it was on sale from £29 down to £12 :D and finally these trousers are my life saver, I've been wearing it like every other day and its super comfortable, keeps me warm and doesn't stretch. I apologise as some of the picture didn't come out as clear, anyway have a good day :)
suzi x

13 Jul 2012


                                           Jumpsuit- Asos £25
                                           Belt- Primark £2.50

Hey lovelies,
Due to my busy schedule I haven't been able to post on my blog regularly but I will be posting what I am working on at the studio, its something interesting so stay tune for that. I hope all of you are having a lovely summer and I going to leave you all with my OOTD.
                                                                         suzi x

27 Jun 2012

My DIY Shorts

T-shirt: V&A museum -£15
Shorts: DIY
Tights: H&M- £3.99
Shoes: Ebay-£29

Hello lovely people,
so I've been really into DIY recently, It could be that I've been staying at the studio more than usual, all these design work at the studio is inspiring me a lot to create something simple at home too. So I started with something so simple which is my first DIY shorts. These use to be my Levi jeans and since I don't wear it much I decided to turn it into shorts and this has become my current obsession and one of my favourite piece for summer. I paired my shorts with my V&A t-shirt and since my outfit is edgy I used these black pumps to keep it balanced. I also added sheer tights just incase because you can never trust english weather. 
                                                                           Suzi x

15 Jun 2012

This is how I see it.

Hello beautiful people,
I personally think creativity is part of imagination, seeing through your eyes and giving the world the vision of your imagination, expressions. This outfit is one my many creation. I based my theme on punk movement and also depicts poverty. The main part that represents these two theme is the safety pins around the neckline. Safely pins were huge around 1970s when the punk subculture started, ripped clothes were held together with safety pins to show their individual fashion expression as well as representing poverty. Most of the things I used on the outfit are recycled for example the zip to make flower on the shoulder pads, chains, old belts, threads, butterfly pins and studs. Enjoy the pictures.
                                                           Suzi x

14 Jun 2012

Keep your eyes on stars and your feet on the ground.

                                         Trench vest Jacket: Forever 21- £19.99
                                          Leggings: Primark-£6.00
                                          Shoes: Carvela- £150

Hello lovlies,
So who says work has to be professional only? personally I don't think so, I don't think it always has to be the same old professional shirt, trousers, skirt and blazer. I like to add my personal taste at work too. I think a bit of edge can make an outfit less boring. Here I added this funky leggings and my favourite carvela boots with my shirt to give it a little bit of edge. I added this trench vest jacket and this bag to keep my level on the professional side too. A little belt might be small but makes a big difference on the outfit. So I used this belt to emphasise my waist. Enjoy the pictures.
                                                               Suzi x

11 Jun 2012

Royal Blue is the Colour I am looking for.

                                    Trousers: New Look-£19.99
                                    Bandeau: H&M- £3.99
                                    Cardigan: Pull &Bear- £15.00
                                    Bag: Ebay-£12.99

Hi lovelies,
This summer I've been craving for bright colours. Bright colours instantly lights up my mood. I've been on a hunt for royal blue trouser for such a long time now. so when I saw these trouser in New Look I knew I need this in my life. The colour is so rich and deep and has become one of my statement piece. I added this pop of colour with white cardigan and stripe bandeau top and also added a black bag to keep the outfit balanced.  Enjoy the pictures.
                                                                                   Suzi x

31 May 2012

Maxi Fever

Hello my lovelies,
so summer is finally here in England, It felt like we waited for many years but eventually it got to us and I've been obsessed with maxi dresses. I've never worn maxi dress before so I thought I will try something different. Actually one of my plans for summer is to experiment with lot of different looks so stay tuned on my blog for more look. Since this dress is so rich in colour, I though it looks well without any accessories. I thinks this way you can focus on the dress more. What do you think? Enjoy the pictures.
                                                  Suzi x

7 May 2012

Always be by your side :)

                                                Top- Miss Selfridge -£15
                                                Maxi Skirt: Miss Selfridge-£17
                                                Shoes: Primark- £4

27 Apr 2012

Zurich ♥

So I finally had time to upload the pictures from Zurich. It was exactly like I imagined so beautiful, people were really polite and it was perfect weather walking around lakes, parks which I always loved doing. I finally had the chance to wear some of my favourite skirts so I also mixed some of my OOTD pictures. I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a good day!
                                                                  Suzi x