30 Dec 2014

Comfort over anything

Comfort over anything 

If you ask me anytime, I would say ‘comfort over anything’. So today, I am bringing out my most slouchy, comfortable and cozy items, which have been perfect for this gradually building colder month. 

The things I look forward to in this colder season are just coming home, wrapping myself up in a big duvet or blanket and just watching telly with a hot mug of coffee or tea. Oh, how you find happiness and comfort in just doing simple things - and I tend to realise this more in winter. Anyway, my point is, today’s outfit is all about that, except you will be walking around all snuggled up instead of staying in. I do believe - no, I know for sure - that I felt that warmth, comfort and coziness in this outfit over the past few days. And coffee? Well there is always a place for that. Today I went for this chunky, woollen, high neck oversized jumper which was perfect for me to add more layers underneath. And guess what? I actually did add another black jumper underneath! I paired my jumpers with these khaki harem style trousers, which again had enough space for me to wear warm leggings underneath. Yes, winter is all about layering and being a walking cushion, which I was when I end up adding another coat at the end. I finished off the look with my maroon boots. I also decided to go for a similar colour palette and have found it quite interesting lately. I hope you like the look.

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  1. Love your style!
    Very inspiring blog.
    Lets follow each other!Just let me know and I will follow back :)

  2. ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS TO DEATH, you look so comfy and cute!


    1. aww thank you, yes it is very comfy indeed. x