2 Dec 2014

Pink Dusk

Pink Dusk
To be completely honest, I’ve never been a big fan of the colour pink. Growing up I was more into tomboy and punk/goth looks, but then I guess everyone goes through that teenage phase experimenting with different looks. I always thought girly pink didn’t match the way I looked. Honestly, time flies in a blink of an eye and how things change so much because now I have pink clothes in my wardrobe for crying out loud!

 Black Knit Top,Kenar (similar here)
Black suede boots, chix

Pink is not the colour I usually go for on my first instinct - I have never worn fully pink but then again small progress is better than no progress. So I decided to pick out one pink item and build today’s outfit around that. Black is my comfort zone when it comes to trying different styles, that’s why I decided to pair this black knitted top with my pink skirt. Sometimes I also like to keep everything else neutral to keep the focus on the main piece, which is this light pink skirt from American Apparel. I decided to add a statement piece necklace and frankly I think any jewellery stands out on a black canvas. Finally, wearing double tights always does a good job keeping my legs warm and I completed the look with these big old boots. I hope you like the look.
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Suzi x


  1. I absolutely love everything about this outfit :)
    I went through a black clothes phase too but now half of my stuff is pink!


  2. Looking gorgeous like always! I seldom wear pink but I wear it a few times (I prefer wearing black)!

  3. that pink skirt is so cute!
    you look great<3


  4. I have that same coin necklace and I have also posted on my blog with it
    Following you on bloglovin ! xoxo