5 Dec 2014


I’ve been seeing knee/thigh-high boots everywhere recently and finally I went and got myself a pair. Honestly, I haven’t worn knee high boots for the last 6-7 years. I guess every winter my shoe purchases have been ankle boots. So I was very excited to style these.

Thigh- High Socks, Primark
Knee High Boots,Ebay

Knee/thigh-high boots, what can I say? They are higher than your average boot and potentially twice as sexy. They are one of the classic and statement pieces that everyone should own and I proudly own them again after many years but who the hell cares? It’s never too late because fashion is evolutionary, not revolutionary, as we all have noticed certain trends comes back. Anyway, my outfit today wasn’t much of an effort even though it looks like it. It’s these boots, they literally jazz up any simple outfit, adding a bit of sass. I paired them with thigh high grey wool socks, which are so warm, and to top it up I was also wearing a pair of tights. For the top I picked out my Ralph Lauren jumper, which is my personal favourite, and paired it with Zara skorts. I hope you like the look.

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  1. these knee hight boots are so fabulous...especially with those sock and paired with that skort! very sexy!

    I also really like that royal blue jumper...
    you look so pretty...really such a perfect Autumn look!!!!!!


  2. You look gorgeous! I love your boots!