30 Sep 2014

Similar Differences

Finally, I have discovered the amusement in working with different textures. It’s really interesting to play with different consistencies to come up with a fascinating ensemble.
I always come back to the basics when it comes to layering so I started with a basic black vest. Since it’s a little bit chilly today, I decided to bring out my quilted jacket. What I love about quilted jacket is that they are not just warm but I find them quite elegant with a practical edge. I feel snug and trendy at the same time. I also like the quilt textures; I think the hard and edgy consistencies make it an interesting piece to have in your wardrobe. I decided to pair the jacket with something softer like this chiffon skirt. I think the contrasting textures and similar colour palette add an unusual yet interesting and daring move to the outfit.
I decided keep hold of that edgy vibe with these mock suspender tights and black boots. I hope you like the look.

Vest- Primark
Jacket- Topshop (Similar)
Skirt – American Apparel
Tights- Amazon
Shoes- chix

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Suzi x


  1. Wow you look absolutely gorgeous as always! I am obsessed with those amazing tights and those great boots! Your hair and makeup also look incredible :)

    xx Debbie


    1. awww thank you darling thats very sweet of you :) x

  2. Awesome combination and you look fantastic! Lovely jacket!


  3. totally love your style.x

  4. I love the play on the purple and pink, and the textures. It looks pretty daring but the way explain it seems so simple! I love that deep purple, thinking I need a some softer pink in my wardrobe now...

    p.s. Thanks for you comment on my blog. It was ery sweet of you to pop over and check it out!

    Northern Beauty

    1. Thank you darling and your blog was amazing too x