19 Sep 2014


If you noticed anything different, then you are right I am back to brunette. I loved my blonde ombre but the dye was damaging my hair too much and now that I changed it, it’s much softer and feels less like the wood.
Anyway, back to the outfit, I decided to go for little vampy look to reveal my darker side (kidding). Now, that autumn is at our doorsteps, it's time to bring out the layers. As you all know, autumn marks the transition from summer into winter - I thought I would take that as a theme for my look today.
I love working with the hues of charcoal, blacks and greys as strength to compliment the gloomy weather. The pieces I used are pretty basic, like this grey high neck crop jumper, which not only gives that needed warmth but shows the layers underneath. I added a black and white stripe shirt, just enough to peek out from underneath the jumper (again you can add colours depending on your mood). My third layer piece are these black skorts and when there's skorts there won’t be no more worrying about the wind, getting out of a car or any rising up. The skorts are a convenient traffic stopper and with the right vibe can be a great autumn piece. I finished the look with a pair of Chelsea boots. I went for dark berry colour for the lips to add colour to the monotone look.As a whole, the outfit showed the level of layers perfectly. And the colour combination is like a comfortable promise for the season. I hope you like the look.

Jumper- Camden market (similar)
Shirt- Thrifted (similar)
Skorts- Zara 
Shoes- Ebay 
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