26 Sep 2014

Trench It Up

A classic trench coat was designed as a raincoat for armed forces during the First World War and it became hugely popular due to its waterproof exterior and removable lining. After the war had ended, the coat became a style staple. From wartime staple to urban style essential, there is no wardrobe that is complete without one. It’s such a timeless piece that should not and will not be relegated as a wrong fashion statement.
  From modern, to classic, slightly wacked one, I love all the ultimate styles of trench coat and I think it’s one coat that suits all from male, female to different body sizes and types. I’ve been going crazy over trench coats for like forever and not being able to find the perfect one for me for the past years has been pretty hard, but just when I had given up all hope, I happened to lay my eyes on this trench coat and it was love at first sight.
I love this coat, it’s the right colour, style and fits exactly like I wanted. I decided to pair it with my denim shirt and Levis denim shorts. I wasn’t so sure about going denim on denim so adding this beige trench restrained the deep colours and strong textures of the denims.  I hope you like the look.

Trench coat- Ebay
Denim shirt- Thrifted
Shorts- Levis
Shoes- New look.

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Suzi x


  1. Denim on denim is the best if you can pull it off and you clearly can. I also love the trench can't believe you found it on ebay?

    Zara x

  2. I love this, the denim on denim is so cool, and the trench really makes the outfit! You have great style :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  3. Absolutely brilliant <3 denim on denim is on point with the trench coat. Loving it! :)