19 Feb 2013

New camera

Hello everyone,
so I finally purchased a new camera YAY :D. I use to use my big Canon SLR camera but sometimes its little annoying to carry around a huge camera everywhere. That was one of the reasons I always had to carry a big bag. Its been a while since I was in a hunt for portable camera that takes decent pictures and after months of looking around I found this Samsung PL210. It has many different features including beauty shot,10x optical Zoom and it was quite affordable, I actually got it on sale.  I've been taking some pictures on my everyday make up and I was quite happy with it. I have also taken few pictures when I went to paris which will be coming soon. so stay tuned. 
Have a great day 
suzi x

1 comment:

  1. Suzi,

    The photo on the top looks stunning! The lighting is perfect. I've had a few snap and shoot canons but they break easily. How much did the camera cost and what other cameras did you consider?

    Love your blog!