21 Jun 2013

She believed she could and she did

Hi lovelies, 
I am back :) and with one of the biggest news. As some of you know that I've been really busy and this was the reason. I was doing my Collection :). The whole process of making collection was challenging and very stressful but at the end when you can see all your hard works in a visual form on the runway is just worth it. I was so grateful to be selected to showcase my collection at Free range London as well as in Coventry. This was my first ever collection so defiantly one the biggest moments of my life. I really enjoyed every bit of the show, it was very exciting for all of us as we all worked really hard. Our work is also on many site like Dailymail, Vogue and other blogs to so do check them out. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 
lots of love 

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