17 Apr 2013

Valentino studded heels

Hi lovelies,
So I recently noticed that every one is wearing these Valentino's studded heel, in magazines, blogs, fashion weeks , shows. It seems to be everywhere and becoming a fashion sensation among many fashionistas like Alexa Chung, blake lively and others. It comes in different styles and finishes from nude, green to black. 
I was never a big fan of kitten heels but these shoes are such a beautiful finishing touch to an outfit. Recently many online shops are doing knock off of these shoes. I wanted these shoes so badly but obviously couldn't afford so I had to look around for the knock off and this is what I found and to be honest I am surprised to see how close it is interms of looks and details to the real ones. 
I bought these shoes on Boohoo.co.uk
Have a great day 
Suzi x


  1. Wow...those do look so much like the real thing. I love boohoo. Their stuff is great xx

  2. Brilliant! I always thought these shoes were gorgeous but so, so unaffordable! Thank you for sharing this! ^_^ <3