18 Nov 2014

Maroon Touch

Maroon Touch
 My recent discovery has been this website called Sheinside. I guess I am pretty late in this bandwagon but this website is turning into my personal holy grail. It has a great selection of clothes with even greater price. Now all I need to do is stop myself from buying everything somehow. Well, atleast after my next few purchases!

Bag, Ebay

I’ve always been very fond of T-shirt dresses but it was a lot harder to find the right fit. Finding this stripped t-shirt dress in Sheinside has been a gem, just when I lost hope this came to my rescue. Anyways, putting this outfit together was no brainer. This simple outfit is a classic that doesn’t need much to jazz it up, except for a pair of tights depending on how chilly the weather is. I added my shoes from Misguided and look at that colour, how cute is that? I always tend to go for black shoes so this time I decided to try something different and I totally love it ,and have decided to wear it hardcore in the future. I finished the look with this vintage looking bag from ebay, which is a big score. Also I did heatless curls for my hair, which is basically braiding your hair, the night before and looking lot different than you are in the morning.J. I hope you like the look. 

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Suzi x


  1. You look so cute! Love the booties.

    xx Lori

  2. Nice hair.... You are very beautiful dear.
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    I wait for you, kisses!

  3. Your hair looks really nice :) and I love that dress!


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