7 Nov 2014

Cosy knits & Dark Lips

Cosy Knits & Dark Lips

As the days have gone shorter, and the winter chill is upon us, it’s really tempting to stay in bed or wrapped up in warm clothes with a cuppa…ahhh. To be honest I’ve been doing that for the past few days and it was pretty relaxing.

Gold detalil cutout shoes, Ebay
Cross body Bag, Guess

So I’ve been stocking up with winter items and I decided to include one of my recent favourite knitwears on today’s look. This turtleneck jumper I got from H&M is not just warm but literally the softest thing I ever felt and I've been wearing it hard core recently. I’ve been loving the hair tuck trend and this turtleneck style is perfect for that. I paired the jumper with my metallic maxi skirt, which I folded and pulled it up to make it mid length. It's all about adjusting and DIY ideas to create looks in different ways with the same items. Again I thought I will get away with just skirt but it was too cold and I end up wearing skin colour tights  (obviously not on the picture) if you are wondering why I am not cold. Also rocking dark lips is the right way to add colour in this season. I finished the look with cutout gold detail black shoes and Guess cross body bag.

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