14 Oct 2014


When I saw my collection hanging on the rail, it reminded me of one of my greatest achievements… seeing it on the show with my name up on the screen 2 years ago was one of the biggest moments of my life. And today, I bring that essence back styling it in my personal style.

Gold textured Top ,Suzishrestha collection
Pleated Skirt, H&M
Mock up suspender tights, Amazon
Lace up boots, Chix

Strong Textures plays an important role in adding a statement to an outfit and this gold texture was it for me. When I saw this fabric in Paris, I instantly pictured it on one of my designs, walking blazing the gold down the ramp. It was the dream fabric for me. This fabric was a lot less complicated to work with than my other fabrics. When I finished making it and saw it on the show, I loved the fact that it was rich in texture and colour, it was bold and it was one of my statement pieces. Today I styled it with another texture oriented piece, a pleated skirt. I think the masculine silhouette on top worked quite well with the playful pleated skirt. In terms of colour palette, black and gold as a combination is captivating and a trend that has encompassed the fashion world. I added a mock up suspender to keep the power and edge on the outfit. I finished the look with a pair of lace up boots. I hope you like the look.

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Suzi x


  1. Omg, you are so amazing? Designing your own brands and clothing, you absolutely style it so well! Love the mock up suspender tights, so pretty. x


    1. aww thank you so much, mock up suspender tights are one of my fav tights. x

  2. What a rad piece - I love the color!
    x Justina // abentpieceofwire.com
    ps. I'm trying to step up my bloglovin' game - help a girl out?

  3. Wow I'm just blown away by the beauty of this outfit and it's design-- I am so impressed that you designed it yourself! The texture and the colour are absolutely gorgeous and it is perfectly styled by your beautiful self :) I also adore the skirt and the sexy tights!

    xx Debbie


  4. Wow, I love your designs!! This look is amazing!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!! I really like your blog and I am following now :)

    Hope to stay in touch, Johanna from ShoppingMeadow

  5. that jumper is incredible! <3