31 Oct 2014

Cuts & Slits

It's been a while since I last posted on my blog - my sincere apologies for that - but on the bright side I felt the glimpse of sun in the morning and that was good enough for me bring out my cutouts. By the way, this was shot a few days ago when the sun was out a little, but now its cold and raining again.
Shoulder cutout Top, Ebay (similar here)
Skirt, H&M (similar here)
Shoes, Ebay (similar here)
Necklace H&M

If you read my blog, you know that I am obsessed with cutouts details - I wear them at every chance I get and this was the day to match it with the slits. For my outfit, I went for a plain black top with shoulder cutouts, as I always find them damn sexy ;) I paired it with a black and white print maxi skirt that I got on sale. I love the Aztec print and the fact that the fabric falls nicely and has that fitted feel, so that there is no worrying when the wind blows. It also has slits on both sides, which I think adds that extra flair just incase the top fails. I finished the look with my cutout boots and a silver necklace. I hope you like the look.

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