6 Apr 2014


So few weeks ago, I heard someone on the bus saying coral goes really well with tan skin. I came back and checked my closet and only coral item I had in my closet was this little coral crop top which I have never worn before. For some reason I always felt like this is the one of the shades that might not suit me but hey who knows until you try it right. I was still hesitant to go full coral so I decided to start with pop of coral and pairing with this cutout jumpsuit was a great idea to perfectly show the pop of coral. I also decided to add this sunglasses which have this pinkish coral tint peaking out to match my top. Finally I completed the look with cutout shoes, perfectly complimenting the cutout on the jumpsuits. I hope you like the look.

Top- Topshop
Jumpsuit- ASOS
Shoes- New Look

lots of love 


  1. Coral is such a perfect colour on you, what a beautiful look

  2. You are soo pretty! I really like your style!