28 Mar 2015



It has been too long since I last posted and it might seem like I am neglecting my blog but the answer is ‘NO’. Our absence doesn’t always dignify us falling behind or missing out, but gives us that space we need to reboot our mind and body. Instead of getting lost in this crowded world, with our packed schedule, it always feels like a breath of fresh air to stand still, allowing us to use that moment to figure out the balance of our own priorities.  While you might know the importance of your priorities, there is no neglecting when it comes to your passion, because passion travels beyond everything else to be your purpose and to bring happiness. You might need to stand still and take a break once in a while but you will always come back to it. 

Basic Black Top, Primark (similar)
Batwing Cardigan,Primark
Backpack, TK MAX
Black Lace up Boots, Chix (similar)

Now, back to today’s outfit… Even though it’s pretty casual it's always a great idea to add little accents that reflect your personal style. I might have mentioned it in most of my posts and I stand by this choice of starting most of my looks with basic pieces. Today I started with a basic black top and built it with other black pieces. When choosing all black outfit, I always love to go for different prints or textures like this grainy cardigan. I think it builds up to an interesting silhouette.  For bottoms I went for classic black skinnies and finished off with black lace up boots and this hat. I also added a leopard/snake printed backpack to add print to the look. I hope you like it!

Suzi x


  1. Can totally relate to you. I just recently started blogging again after a break of approximately 4 months. Sometimes you simply have to deal with life and "the blogger block" and I hope people respect that.
    Atleast I know You do now.

    Oh and also - great outfit. As always! Glad you're back. xo

    Maria // www.phentastic.com | A Fashion & Lifestyle Blog.