8 Aug 2014

Pop Art

Today has been pretty exhausting preparing things for my sister’s wedding in Denmark. Since I only have a few days left before my Denmark trip, I really had to rush with my packing, which was when I came across this little number: a multicolour top that I got from Camden market a few years ago. Then, I decided packing can wait - there is always time for dressing up. The first thing I love about this top is its colour palette - it reminds me of Pop Art, which I studied back in school. I paired the top with this leather overall. I love how the multicolours are peeking out of the black overall.  I kept the rest of the pieces like the shoes and the cap black as well, because sometimes you just have to let the colours work their magic.I hope you like the look. 

Top- Camden market
Overall- H&M
Shoes- Chix 
Cap- Camden Market

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Suzi x


  1. Love your overalls :) I really wanted some leather look ones a while ago but really struggled to find some! I also love the colours in your top, they look great with the black accessories. It reminds me of pop art too :)

    Louise / www.asseenonlouise.blogspot.co.uk

  2. you look so gorgeous :)