16 Feb 2014

Oversize parka

As the weather is becoming more gloomy my outfit choices are becoming more tougher. My inner edgy side is coming out like a glimpse of sun in today’s gloomy weather. So for the last few weeks my oversize parka is playing the role of a life saver, whether to go to work or going out, running errands, I’ve been wearing it like crazy and I’m planning to wear it until its ragged. I decided to pair my parka with basic white top, leather shorts and thigh high socks to give that edgy look, a perfect combination to bear in this gloomy weather. I hope you like it. 
Parka: Forever 21
Top: H&M
Shorts:  H&M
Thigh High: TK MAX
Shoes: ASOS
Lots of love 
Suzi x

1 comment:

  1. I love the edgy side to this outfit, very you Suzi. Looks awesome :)